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View data insights, corporate publications, and more. It is because of the great partnerships with our stakeholders that we can produce data and market intelligence. This then drives our marketing strategy to position Aruba as the preferred Caribbean destination. Please feel free to explore the data we’ve gathered so that it may assist you in seizing the opportunities available in the Aruban Tourism Industry.
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Embark on an extraordinary journey with us! Dive into our destination through key metrics: "Arrivals" showcase the influx of wanderers, "Total Nights" captures enduring allure, and "Length of Stay" reveals the irresistible pull that draws visitors to linger longer.
Arrivals YTD615,118Arrivals YTDLast updated on: 2024-06-10
Nights YTD4,774,454Nights YTDLast updated on: 2024-06-10
Length of Stay YTD7.8Length of Stay YTDLast updated on: 2024-06-10

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